Top 12 Actions to Increase Online Visibility for Executives

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Karen Armon of has a new book just released on the 9th of June. She presented last night to our Colorado FENG chapter a presentation called Market Your Potential, Not Your Past. I had some dialogue about online visibility with several people afterwards.

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As a co-chair of the local Financial Executive’s Networking Group chapter, I felt some elaboration might benefit my friends on Resource Nation.

Google yourself. Put your name in quotes, e.g. “marty koenig” so it searches on the whole phrase. I get 491 hits, and 6 of the 10 the top organic search responses are me on the first page.

Page 1 6/10 (my LinkedIn profile is at the top this morning)
Page 2 8/10
Page 3 3/10
Page 4 6/10
Page 5 4/10

54% of 5 pages of search results are yours truly. Not bad. What do you think a potential client/customer/vendor/employer perceives when they google someone with results like mine and looks at some of the pages? It’s not hard to get a pretty quick read.

Next I try “marty koenig” denver with these results:

39 hits. Not a rock star, but hey, I’m THERE.

Page 1 10/10
Page 2 9/10
Page 3 10/10
Page 4 6/9

90% of search results are yours truly. If I search on Martin Koenig, I get around 2% return on the first 5 pages, and over total 20K hits. That’s why I use Marty Koenig because there are fewer competitors for search results.

Summary of interesting findings….use these as examples for you to pump up your googleness:

So, why should you care if you have online hits in your name?

What does a new customer think when they google you, especially if you don’t show up on the first three pages? What does an angel investor or VC think? What does the hedge fund manager or private equity investor think of you, after you set up an appointment with him and he googles you? If you are competing for a contract against another firm, and the other CEO has a 50% hit rate, who’s going to be perceived a better executive? Who would you want to do business with? Are you portraying a “Luxury” vs. “Commodity” Viewpoint? (Karen’s words). Are you pursuing an Active Marketing Strategy? Do you have a National Presence? If your name is “John Smith”, you’re not going to be so distinct. (over 6 million hits). So try “John A. Smith” denver. If you have a common name, like Bruce M. Allen indicated to me last night in our conversation, you have to have more content out there with your name on it, to increase the likelihood of the search results actually being your content.

Your next customer or investor or employee or vendor will google your name and your company. Have you done that lately?

In line with Karen Armon’s 12 Desired Executive Capabilities, here are my Top 12 items to make you more visible online. Make these part of your system and you’ll enhance your ability to Market Your Potential.

  1. Do some research like above, and see what your best signature should be for the largest, fastest growth trajectory on results. If you are Jane Gould, you might consider using Jane M. Gould in all your online content. If you are Jane M. Gould in Denver and google returns zero results, then you’ve got work to do. Our B2B CFO® Founder and CEO always uses Jerry L. Mills and he gets 7/10 on the first page. If I add CPA to the search, he gets 10/10 on the first page and 22/23 total.
  2. Create a good LinkedIn profile. Setup a new, separate personal email address for this. If you are not sure how to do that, take a webinar or class from Integrated Alliances. I did. That’s why I have a great LinkedIn profile that shows up at the top of search results. That’s also why I have 2,400+ first tier contacts in my LinkedIn network.
  3. When you read an interesting article online, look at the bottom, under the article. Most now have the comment feature. Use it. Show your opinions and passion about things, but don’t get too outrageous. Make sure you put your name (I always use Marty Koenig, never Martin Koenig). I always write responses in a word processor program, spell check, re-read then copy and paste into the text box on the website.
  4. Write an online review of a meeting you liked. Be sure and add your consistent signature.
  5. Go to and join some groups. I joined a dozen or so but have only had time to engage in several. Many of my google results are the bios I added to these groups. Google seems to like them. Be careful not to join political or religious or other meetups that others might perceive wrong.
  6. Karen says to figure out numerous ways to increase your word of mouth buzz. Once you have a nice LinkedIn profile, ask people you know for recommendations on LinkedIn. Sign up for Twitter and hook up with other important people. You’d be surprised how many stars of the business world are using it now. Each person that follows you and that you follow will give you a search result.
  7. Find a relevant book, go on Amazon and write a review. Put your full name and location so everyone knows it’s you.
  8. Offer to write articles for a trade magazine in your industry or craft. For five years in the 1980’s I wrote a monthly column for an international trade publication. I became the expert in a niche market, and grew my business tremendously because they saw me as an expert, the go-to guy, and bought my products and services because they felt like I helped them regularly.
  9. Setup your own workshop or lunch-n-learn. Advertise it so you get the online hits and the attendees. This, of course, does much more than get you online visibility.
  10. Invite yourself to speak or participate in a chamber event, a local chapter organization, hook up with your relevant organizations, get yourself on a on a panel that you know will have announcements in the business press. Be creative.
  11. Get on an internet radio show. Every city seems to have them now. Your name will go on the show listing and result in a search hit.
  12. It seems there are hundreds of online business social networks. The more you join, the more exposure you get. I don’t know about you, but I get invites from Plaxo, Naymez, Ning, BeBo, Facebook. More professionals are even putting up a Myspace page. Might consider making an interesting video of yourself covering an important topic, and put it on Hulu or YouTube.

If you are not sure about how best to enter your searches, see more info on search syntax here:

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