Top 3 Programs to Run On The Cloud

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cloud computingAs a small business owner, there is no question that cloud computing offers a variety of features that not only make the business run smoother, but make your life easier. While, first and foremost, it allows you to be more mobile, it also provides more extensive access for businesses who have many users for one program and is often more cost effective.

However, that doesn’t mean each and every program you run should be on the cloud – though it’s not unheard of; there are a few select programs that, when available in the cloud, can truly be used to their full potential.

Payroll Processing Software

If you’re running a small operation, it’s likely that you are the manager, owner and HR department. That means that if you’re gone, there’s no one left to do the payroll processing, i.e. submit employee hours, ensure paychecks are given on time, etc. However, that can’t keep you from making a business trip or taking time off. By getting your payroll software on the cloud, you can be sure to get paychecks out on time, wherever, whenever.

  • Happy employees: When choosing your cloud payroll software, be sure that it can still host a variety of employees; salary, hourly, part-time, etc. Don’t let the convenience of cloud over shadow the need for a diverse payment system.

Maintenance Software

Maintenance software is the hub of any equipment sales business. With employee information, customer information, ordering status, and invoices, it’s a valuable program. As such, it’s ideal to have access wherever you are.  While you may not have to worry about ordering on the go, you can’t guarantee you won’t run into a customer while out and about.

  • Customer service: Want to add value for your loyal customers? Being able to provide them with order information straight from your phone is not only convenient for them, but for you as well. Be sure to customize your software to make the searching process easy when looking for customer files.

Document Management Software

Finally, the most important program to have on the cloud is your document management software. Whether your business is large, small or growing, it’s important that everyone has access to seeing and editing the documents they need, whenever they need it.  Especially in a Gen Y office space, where collaboration is high on the list of priorities, your employees need the tools and resources to be successful.

  • Collaboration made easy: While there are a variety of document sharing programs available to you on the web today, there a few features that will make it worth your while; real-time editing, unlimited users, and document exporting. Not only can you work on the go, but edit and share as well.

Getting on the cloud is not just a fad – it’s becoming necessary for small business owners. Whether you have remote employees, a busy travel schedule, or a large office, cloud software can make everyone’s job and life easier. So, be sure to take full advantage of your favorite programs by getting them on the cloud.

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3 thoughts on “Top 3 Programs to Run On The Cloud

  1. avatarHannah Hamilton

    With the “CLOUD” around, business can be a lot more easier. Now I’m aware enough of what does cloud can do, it’s not just a “fad” as what you mention above. :)
    Thanks for sharing this post Jessica.

  2. avatarHannah Hamilton

    Not really but I’m just aware about this and it’s benefits. It’s very convenient to use and it helps a lot of businessmen do their job even their away from the office. I’m looking forward to use this in the future. If it could help me then, why not.

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