Top 3 Ways a VoIP Phone System Can Spur Startup Growth

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top 3 ways a voip phone system can spur startup growthWhile a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone isn’t a completely new thing, it has made a huge difference in the business world within the past two to three years. In fact, today, there are 16 million people and businesses using this kind of technology (Tweet This!).

By converting the standard audio into a digital format that is transferred via the Internet, VoIP technology can be a huge benefit for a startup business. The simple act of switching to a VoIP system can help a business save money, streamline employee training, and easily expand their offices – three things that will help a startup business grow rapidly.

Cut Down Costs

There are many business owners who don’t really realize how the quality of their business communications systems can impact costs.

For many startup businesses, capital funding can be difficult to come by. However, for their business to run smoothly, they also need basic business services like phone, fax, customer service numbers, teleconference ability, etc. VoIP systems offer all that and more, for a fraction of the cost of traditional providers.

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In general, VoIP systems are less costly than traditional PBXs due to the fact that there is no capital expenditure. What’s more, since a VoIP system operates on an Internet network, it allows businesses to stay connected easily- no matter where they may be. It’s simple to connect home and business phones, as well as employees who spend a lot of time away from the office and travelling out of state. By using an Internet connection, VoIP makes Web conferencing and video calls easy and cost-effective.

Streamline Employee Training

Remember the days where phones required numerous button presses just to forward a call, or even a password to access your voicemail? When a business is just starting out, the last thing they need is a complicated system that has employees scratching their heads and struggling to remember all the protocols.

A VoIP business phone system will offer the same features as those traditional systems did, but they are much easier to understand. With a VoIP system, employees get to use a system that they are probably already well-versed in: web or mobile devices.  VoIP interfaces are more closely related to today’s mobile technology than they are to the older, standard systems.

What does this mean for startup businesses? With easier interfaces and familiar features, it means shorter and cheaper training sessions. It also means that employees are ready to work much quicker, with fewer mistakes from the get-go.

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In fact, with a hosted PBX option, you can even give your employees the option to work from home without ever missing a call. And because most startups are small and do not often have the budget for office space right away, a hosted service can ultimately help your business save money on rent and utilities until you’re ready to expand.

Expand Easily and Quickly

With a VoIP phone system in place, office expansion can easily be done whenever a small business is ready. VoIP phone services are reconfigurable and easy to expand on, unlike traditional phone systems that require extensive set-up and installation.

This system just makes sense for a small business that has plans to grow bigger. Implementing a VoIp system for business also makes particularly good economic sense for companies that have multiple offices spread across various locations. A VoIP system can effortlessly connect offices over different locations faster than any other type of phone system. With the phone line, fax, conferencing and other features combined into one single system, it also does it for the fraction of the cost.

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems have recently revolutionized the way businesses run, making them look bigger right from the beginning, even if they’re operating on a budget. With lower costs, easier-to-understand systems and ability to expand effortlessly, VoIP systems are making it very possible for new startup businesses to rapidly grow and expand their reach more than ever before.

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