Top 5 E-Biz News Stories of the Week

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Shopping-Cart-ButtonCyber Monday, Google, and Amazon have made the headlines this week. As we prepare for the New Year, we are beginning to see glimpses of the top tech giants plans for 2011. Google and Amazon will potentially enter the boxing ring for a TKO match in social coupon dominance. However, in addition to the weekly Google news, we gauge the nation’s innovation economy and determine if Netflix is actually hurting the Internet?  This the top 5 news stories of the week:

Cyber Monday Makes History: Online Spending Exceeds $1 Billion [Mashable] Comscore reported that Cyber Monday (11/29) may have been the heaviest day in online spending history. Consumers have been saving their money. As we begin to pull ourselves out of this recession, it is likely business will pick up as consumer spending begins to alleviate. Cyber Monday’s record shattering day is a positive indicator of consumer holiday spending and the economic climate.

Social Coupon Wars Heat Up Between Groupon and LivingSocial [Inc] Google has set out to buy Groupon for a reported $5.3 to $6 billion dollar acquisition. In addition to this news Amazon responded by quietly investing $175 million in, Groupon’s closest competitor.

Will Netflix Kill the Internet? [Businessweek] Netflix has seen substantial growth in the past year, doubling in stock price since July 1st. But the amount of bandwidth it requires is potentially causing havoc. According to Peter Burrows, “the company now accounts for 20 percent of all Internet traffic during the typical American evening.”

Viber For iPhone Aims To Rival Skype’s App, Is Amazingly Amazing [TechCrunch] “Today sees the launch of Viber, a brand new, free iPhone application (iTunes link, or search for ‘viber free’) that basically functions the way pretty much every iPhone user wishes Skype’s mobile application would.” Viber is an application that allows you to make 100% free phone calls over WiFi and 3G. A Skype competitor? We’ll see…

Report: Hottest Spots for the Entrepreneurial, Innovation Economy [Entrepreneur] “The 2010 State New Economy Index evaluates 26 factors which measure the extent to which your state enables and supports businesses which are knowledge-based, global, digitally-driven, and led by innovation. The study has been done four times starting in 1999, so we can now see which states are making progress in joining the Digital Age.”

It’s nothing new that we are seeing rapid growth from Google, Amazon, Netflix, but the direction that these companies are moving in is always worth noting. If Google’s acquisition goes through, will we see Amazon make a more aggressive jump at competing with “Groupoogle”? This weeks top 5 e-biz news stories will paint an extensive picture e-biz innovation trends.

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