Top 5 Earth Day Business Stories

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In case you forgot, today is earth day. So for all you eco-friendly businesses out there, this day salutes you. For those who have slipped on their corporate responsibilities, here are the weeks top 5 business related earth day articles:

1. A Little History of Earth Day [Patch]

“Today is the 41st anniversary of the first Earth Day event! A common myth about Earth Day is that this season change (which happens in some form four times a year) is the reason April 22 was chosen as Earth Day.”

2. HOW TO: Celebrate Earth Day Online [Mashable]

A comprehensive and exciting list of what is going on in the social realm of Earth Day. Great business profiles and a well written article from Zachary Sniderman. “You’ll find a sample of some interesting ways to celebrate Earth Day online. As always, there are thousands more worthy campaigns.”

3. Greening’ Your Small Business Will Boost Its Bottom Line [Huffington Post Business]

Tips for small businesses, such as document management software and recycling.“Recycling paper is great, but there’s a lot more you can do. Composting, for example, not only reduces waste, it also enriches the soil. For small businesses on a budget, the costs of recycling and composting onsite may be a barrier. In that case, look for other companies in the area to start co-op recycling programs with or check into participating in a municipal composting program.”

4. Our Favorite YouTube Videos This Week: The Earth Day Edition [Mashable]

12 inspiring videos for you to enjoy on Earth Day!

5. Constant Contact Joins Forces with Small Business Community to Promote Waste Reduction for Earth Day [EON]

“In 2010, Constant Contact small business customer campaigns equated to 28 billion emails sent, saving more than 3.5 million trees, not to mention energy and gas consumption associated with mail delivery,” said Eric Groves, senior vice president, strategy, corporate development, and innovation for Constant Contact. “This equates to $7 billion saved in postage, for an average savings of $16,000 annually for each one of our customers. The ‘green’ factor is two-fold: environmental and cost savings.”

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