Top 5 SMB Stories to Help You Recruit Superstar Employees

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For some businesses, finding that superstar employee comes once every few years. For many SMBs it is simply too difficult to compete with large corporate companies like Google or Apple. However, there are new and emerging ways to find those superstars employees without competing directly with those Fortune 500’s, and that means ramping up your HR in new and creative ways. Here are the top 5 recruiting stories to help you find your superstar employees:

1. How To Use Social Media For Recruiting [ AMEX Open Forum]

Traditional hiring practices aren’t necessarily as effective as they once were. Simply putting your job openings on your “Career Page” and sites like CareerBuilder are no longer the mainstays of hiring. Talent needs to be picked, and finding top talent needs to be picked when they are on the verge of ripening. One way companies are doing this is by leveraging social tools to find leaders within their community and then evaluating their applicability.

2.  Manta Survey Says Small Business Will Hire [Gaebler]

More than half of small businesses are claiming that they will be hiring this year. Despite concerns over the hiring landscape it seems that lack of money isn’t necessarily the problem. Only 27% of companies noted that compensation was their greatest challenge to hiring.

3. 10 Steps to Successfully Sourcing and Recruiting Startup Talent [Instigator Blog]

Keep connecting even if you’re not hiring them. “I’m a big fan of building a network — not when you absolutely needed it yesterday — but for the future. So as you’re going through this exercise, reach out to people via DMs, messages, email, etc. and drive them to your Career page. But if it’s not immediately the right fit, feel free to connect with your growing network openly and regularly.”

4. Generation gap: More Boomers doing Gen Y’s jobs [MSNBC]

More and more, older employees are recognizing that it takes sacrifice to land a job in this economy. For hiring managers, sometimes your best employees can be found in unfamiliar areas. 55 Year old intern Elizabeth Romanaux is quoted saying, “You have to suck it up sometimes and do what a 17-year-old would happily do and be happy about it,”

5. Five Ways Businesses Are Coping With Rising Health-Care Costs [Fox Small Business]

Health-care reform has made it more important than ever for business managers to appropriately explain their company’s medical benefits. Leaders should give employees a clear picture of what options their companies offer and the reasons why.”

If you are looking to acquire top talent for your small business, hiring a superstar employee is no easy task. Businesses are turning to new and emerging social tools and picking from their already established communities with HR Software. If your businesses biggest challenge isn’t compensation, it is simply finding a good fit like 73% of other small businesses; you will need to make sure you are being even more careful about your hiring and selection process. Competing against top corporate companies in recruitment isn’t easy, but with a little creativity and knowledge of the market, you should be able to find your superstar employees.

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