Top 5 Stories to Help You Increase Your PPC Conversions

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Pay per click advertising requires extensive in keyword research, web design, copywriting, and split testing. It is no wonder many businesses choose to hire professional PPC specialists to manage their campaigns. However, if your small business is scaling back operations, it may just be handy to know a few more things about PPC, where it is today and how to understand the paid search industry. Here are Resource Nation’s top 5 PPC stories of the week:

1.      Mobile and Online Pay Per Click are Different [Click Through Marketing] “Companies might also need to consider targeting people according to their location now that many handsets are fitted with GPS, Mr Saddique added. Last month, Google announced that it had made changes to AdWords that could help advertisers with the way they manage internet marketing services campaigns”

2.      Write Better Copy with Set-ups, Open Loops, and Emotional Payoffs [] “The average spiel has no emotional resonance, no artistry in the telling. It’s usually just a straight-up, “I didn’t have two cents to rub together, and now I own three homes and a Porsche. And you can, too!” That’s a cheap way of getting across the before-and-after set-up and payoff. There’s a much better way to accomplish this. Use a symbolic place, person, event, or thing that’ll highlight the change in your fortunes a bit more elegantly.”

3.      What Can Social Media Teach Us About Conversion Optimization? [Search Engine Land] A great guide on what social media can teach us about converting those valuable customers. “Can conversion optimization also learn something from social media marketing? The answer is yes. In particular, one key lesson: people prefer dealing with other real people.”

4.      Blatant Pluggery: The PPC E-books you gotta buy [Conversion Marketing] Do people still read books anymore? “I am biased here. I’m writing a review of a PPC ebook that one of my own staff wrote. You might think that that means I’ll give her a glowing review.Wrong. I’m biased towards ripping teammates’ writing apart.”

5.      A Marketing Optimization Fitness Plan [Clickz]

Exercise 1: Tweet VP

Exercise 2: Reflexive Response Time

Exercise 3: 25 Interesting Things About You/Your Customers

Exercise 4: Metrics Madness

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