Top iPhone Applications for Business Professionals

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iPhones are high-quality, stylish, user-friendly mobile devices that offer a variety of efficient, easy-to-use applications. Business professionals are jumping on the iPhone bandwagon because of the phone’s assortment of valuable business applications.

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Appealing business iPhone applications can include the capability to accurately monitor income and expenses, effectively organize details, tasks, and contacts, easily convert currency, and more. While there are several business iPhone apps, below is a list of the Top 11 best iPhone applications for businesses.

JustAddMoney Expense Tracker – this business application allows multiple users to track money in real-time. Users can enter receipts, checks, credit card purchases, and cash purchases at the moment of the purchase, customize income and expense categories, transfer money from one account to another, and generate financial reports. Because this is a multi-user application, users can share financial information and get updated instantly upon someone’s tracking entry. This is an ideal solution for businesses requiring constant updating of financial dealings, particularly if colleagues spend from the same account.

Mobile Password Safe – with the advances in technology, it is necessary to have a secure location to store multiple passwords. Mobile Password Safe allows only the user to gain access and passwords are decrypted into the browser, which means they can’t be hacked by third parties. This is the best iPhone application for business professionals with various accounts, codes for computer programs, and other hard to remember passwords. This application keeps passwords organized allowing users to specify labels, categories, and searches. It’s ideal for keeping business passwords separate from personal passwords and it is convenient and secure.

Goal-Tracker is designed to help the business professional reach his or her various goals. This application allows users to enter goals, hold themselves accountable, track progress, and separate and organize personal versus professional goals.

Currency Convert – this iPhone business application offers a quick and easy way to convert amounts of money between 23 currencies. Instant updating with the tap of your finger shows you up-to-date conversion rates on the go. Additionally, you can sort the currencies to keep your most used currencies on top for quick access and convenience.

ACTPrinter – this application is the most innovative and helps save the environment by not wasting paper. It allows a user to “print” any document from a Mac PC to an iPhone or iPod Touch. Essentially, it stores documents electronically so people can take documents with them on their phone and view them easily and conveniently without sorting through a stack of papers.

Timewerks – this is a time-tracking and invoicing application for all types of business professionals. From freelancers to consultants to lawyers to salespeople and contractors, users of this business iPhone application can track billable hours and create invoices. With Timewerks, you can manage and organize the time you spend on various projects and get detailed reports, easily filter through invoices, clients, work items, hours, etc.

iBeam – this application allows you to instantly send items such as contact information and photos directly to another iPhone. iBeam saves time and frustration by allowing iPhone users to instantly “Beam” information to each other as opposed to saying it, repeating it, and typing it into your phone or contact management system.

Ledger – with this, the best iPhone application for businesses seeking a money management application, you can record purchases, money transfers, loans, and receipts. Additionally, you can easily view transactions and details for all accounts, record simple or complex transactions, and edit account and transaction information.

TouchCall – iPhone users can conveniently, easily, and quickly find business information on the go. Say you need the phone number or address for a restaurant you were supposed to be at for a meeting and you’re running late, simply click the easy one-touch buttons on the interface and the information is provided to you.

Task2Gather – this application is ideal for maintaining all your business, personal, and family tasks. You can organize tasks, separate them, and share them with iPhone users and non-iPhone users. Additionally, the tasks are always accessible from your iPhone and your computer. Tasks can be divided into subtasks so you can delegate to colleagues.

Contact Hero – this business iPhone app is more than just a contact manager and online address book. You can collect, merge, organize and manage all your contacts from various contact management systems, such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo!. You can manage your list of calls to make, keep a list of contacts you have made, and keep a detailed list of contact history for each contact. There are various ways to identify your contacts, for example numbers, colorful icons, or country flags. Also, you can schedule email messages to go out to any of your contacts at anytime in the future.

29 thoughts on “Top iPhone Applications for Business Professionals

  1. avatarDan Taylor

    Great list of HIGHLY useful apps.

    Another great time tracking resource to consider is available from Our mobile time tracking app was reviewed at TechCrunch ( and has received wide ranging praise. Combine that with our newest integration with FreshBooks, and tracking those billable hours couldn’t be simpler.

  2. avatarbusinessluvr

    Apple’s consumer-oriented entertainment phone is so far from being suitable for “business professionals” that it’s not even funny but simply tragic. If you want to check out serious business apps that enhance productivity, security, application integration, go to Handango and check out the fugly-but-functional WIndows Mobile/Symbian/Palm applications. But if you want to play Katamarci, use Apple’s phone.

  3. avatarThinkpad


    You forgot to mention ‘reQall’ which is one of the most useful personal assistant application and a memory assistance tool with memory jogger functions etc.,

  4. avatarHarry

    This is not strictly an iPhone app, but still think it’s worth checking out, especially for business people.

    Try, a nice web app specifically designed for
    tracking goals and todo list, and time tracking. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate.

  5. avatarSpoonDragon

    One amazing app that is not on your list: PortfolioLive

    Tracks multiple stock portfolios down to the penny, all in real time. Supports international stocks, mutual funds, mutliple lots per position etc. I highly recommend PortfolioLive for anyone who is in the stock market.

  6. avatarPatrick P

    businessluvr’s comments are ridiculous. While the iPhone has some growing up to do with respect to being as comprehensively functional as possible from a business perspective. It’s intuitive, ergonomic design makes even it’s shortcomings bearable. Over time its applications will come up to speed and then the Palm will probably go into a museum.

  7. avatarAnnat

    There’s very good app for contact management YoContacts ( As Apple haven’t done anything innovative with its standard Contacts, YoContacts is a good substitution for it. It has handy interface and it’s easy to learn. There are useful features for business users, for example, great search (by name, email, address, etc.), applying filters (group, company, country, etc.) and making smart groups from them.

  8. avatarMike Scoz

    Give fastdue mobile a try- very robust app for small business and freelancers. Its the only app I use everyday- combines several tools like invoicing, expense reports, time sheets and legal agreements into one free app.
    their Web app, is better, but thats to be expected. Still you can get a lot done with the Iphone ver and it syncs all your accounts and documents with the web version. Tech support is pretty good, but there are a few minor bugs, that presumably will get sorted out over time. Best feature is the online legal agreements and accounts section.

  9. avatarJon Moses

    Is it possible to develop an app for my dry-cleaning business? I will like an app that consumers can download into their phone to request pick-up and delivery service throughout the Metro Atlanta areas. Does anyone have an answer? Can you help with helpful informations?

  10. avatarCalto

    My top 5 Business iPhone Apps selection

    1) Business card reader: Econtact-Pro:

    2) For international phone calls: Line2 :

    3) To do list:

    4) Documents: :

    5) Sales Forces:

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  12. avatarAndrew

    Check out

    Were a start up company that let’s businesses create their very own iPhone app for only $39 a month. We have specialized templates for restaurants, bars, realtors, lawyers, gyms, and more.

    Mobile apps are about building that connect with with your customers as well as establishing credibility, and what better way than creating your own iPhone app? I highly suggest checking us out.

    Andrew Gazdecki
    CEO of Bizness Apps

  13. avatarkristine

    These are really wonderful apps and I am sure all of them are reliable too, and it is really great as now we have apps for time tracking and the great thing about it is that it comes free.

  14. avatarErica Bell

    Hi Kristine,

    Thanks for reading! And of course, for small business owners, free apps are often more favorable.

    – Erica

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