Top Lead Generation and Online Marketing Blogs You Should Know

Posted by on August 6, 2010 in Business Management, Business News, Internet Marketing [ 4 Comments ]

Without generating leads your B2B business wouldn’t make a profit.  Knowing how to find, prospect and engage customers is just as important as how to sell to them.  As a lead generation company and an industry leader in customer retention, we follow best practices. We lead trends and we listen to others. Here are a few reputable blogs on these subjects we recommend.

  1. Lead Views:  “We share our experiences and insights on Marketing Automation and the ensuing processes of Lead Life-cycle management. From generating quality leads to converting them into sales…this blog will cover all that happens in between.”
  2. Acquiring Minds: Robert Lesser, the founder and President of Direct Impact Marketing, writes on a myriad of topics, all pertaining to B2B lead generation.
  3. Brian Carroll must be doing something right. His blog is number #1 for the keyword “top lead generation blogs.”
  4. SherpaBlog: Written by the MarketingSherpa team, this blog discusses the different case studies they execute as well as advice for online marketing.
  5. B2B Blog:  Online marketing tips and insight from Dave Jung, a marketing manager at an industrial manufacturer.
  6. MediaWhiz Blog: Online marketing and leadership advice from the firm MediaWhiz.

4 thoughts on “Top Lead Generation and Online Marketing Blogs You Should Know

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