Track Marketing for Success

Posted by on December 18, 2008 in Internet Marketing [ 0 Comments ]

A lot of us small business owners are so busy getting the next marketing tactic up and running that we don’t even think to ask ourselves if it’s working.

That’s why it’s smart marketing to set up some tracking mechanisms at the same time you are implementing the marketing tactic.

Below are 3 methods for keeping tabs on how well your marketing is actually working:

1)    Web site links.

Include web site links in your ezine so your subscribers can respond to special offers or promotions. You can track of how many people are interested enough to click on the link, and you should also be able to measure sales as a direct result of that promotion or offer (with your shopping cart program).

2)    Build in tracking mechanisms to a specific activity.

For example, if you are doing a teleseminar and you are inviting the attendees to visit your web site to sign up for it, create a special page on your web site to drive them to. Then use some kind of free website analytics program like Google Analytics to see how many people visited that page and signed up.

3)    You can also create specific web pages for a campaign and track the hits you get from a campaign. You can look at the links that people come in to your site from (referring URLs) – these can be very useful in creating online relationships. Call the people that are linking to your website – they may be interested in purchasing your services or hiring you for a workshop or event.

With these tracking methods, you will be able to determine what percentage of the total pieces distributed or people reached, responded to your marketing offer and how many took the action requested (i.e. downloaded your free-giveaway, subscribed to your newsletter or ezine, purchased your product, and so on).

Then you’re in a good position to make smart decisions about which marketing tactics you should continue to use, which ones need some “tweaking”, and which ones you should stop doing.

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