Using Social Media to Find New Customers for Your Business

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social-media-marketingSocial media assists businesses in developing new clients. Social networking sites and services promote your product or service at little or no cost. Traditional marketing, sales and business development strategies identify, develop and close business deals. Marketing evaluates the competition or learns about prospects as sales develops relationships with prospective customers. Social media repeats and expands the messages delivered by business developers. Take these simple steps to score gains with social media for your business:

Publish a blog. Blogs advise clients and prospects of any changes or developments about the company. Introduce new products and services in this format, and link to other publicity and reviews. Maintain a professional, conversational tone. Distribute easily-digested information bites on the company blog.

Write about news from your clients’ perspective. Write about them, and applaud their successes. As you approach new customers, help them get to know the company. They’ll learn about your team, ethics, standards and performance in a direct way. They’ll also know how well you treat clients before doing business with the company.

Post news on your blog site. Keeping clients and prospective clients advised of developments and industry trends stimulates business. Create talking points, and position your company’s products and services as solutions. Salespeople look for prospective clients’ needs and create solutions. Your company’s blog establishes a consultative tone with clients and prospects.

Start a Facebook Page for your business. Use Facebook to show new products or presentations for products. Take candid and professional photos of the team, your office, or presentations. Provide short video clips for interest. Clients and prospects learn more when they see and hear the details. Facebook provides dynamic, two-way access between your company and prospects. Invite your prospects and clients to a fan page as another way to build relationships. Add new pictures, video- or voice clips every day. Your clients and prospects enjoy staying in touch with Facebook.

Establish a LinkedIn site for your company. LinkedIn helps business to generate new client relationships by building upon established relationships. For example, your company’s sales team targets ABC, Inc. as a new account. Former relationships from an existing account, XYZ Corp., have relationships at ABC, Inc. on LinkedIn. Interact with your client’s network of first to third level contacts. As an added advantage, use LinkedIn to post new jobs. You’ll source more candidates within your company’s LinkedIn network.

Arrange a Twitter account. Twitter distributes short  messages to your network as “tweets.” Add tweets to your Twitter page. Follow prospects on Twitter to learn more about your prospects and what they need. Use Twitter to get closer to close more business deals.

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3 thoughts on “Using Social Media to Find New Customers for Your Business

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