Valuable Free-Giveaway Content

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Your free-giveaway needs to be something that your target group finds valuable and has need of.

The product (ebook, CD, etc.) you are giving away for free needs to be something similar to your other products and services (if you have any yet) that you will be trying to sell to these people later on.

Everybody starts to get a bit panicky and anxious when they think about coming up with content for their free-giveaway.  But the truth is that if you take a look around your office, you’ll see you have lots of information that you can pull together or put into a different format that would make a great free-giveaway.

  • bundle together articles you’ve written
  • combine blog posts you’ve written
  • provide a song clip or art sample of your work
  • copy of audio of a speech you’ve given
  • offer free chapters of a book you’re writing
  • transcribe audio or video of a speech
  • audio of a teleseminar you gave
  • use existing handouts and PowerPoint slides
  • transcribe a teleseminar you’ve given
  • bundle tips and checklists together
  • a video of a speech you’ve given

You can use the content from above to create all kinds of different free-giveaways:

  • a checklist
  • a quick-start guide that helps people get started in the area of expertise you specialize in
  • lessons on how to do something
  • offer a free consultation
  • 3 months free to a membership group you have
  • self-evaluation test or online assessment
  • offer an introductory/quick-start session
  • list of top ten tips & tricks
  • steps to creating something
  • free software
  • links to free products
  • free membership to a forum you run

Take some time today to jot down some ideas about what you know your prospects and clients need on information on and start writing….or better yet, just re-package/re-format something that you’ve already done!

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