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web designStarting a company has never been as easy or as difficult. It isn’t just getting a space to work with office cubicles, nor is it about having a great product. Startups need a great website. No longer is having a great idea enough to get going, but creating a website that sets you apart can help your startup get more recognition. The common misconception is that having a great website means having an advanced one. This isn’t always the case. Here are four web design tips for your startup company.

Start with the Basics

Start with the basics instead of trying to work out every intricate detail and trying to include every interesting idea you have. If you spend time hung up on executing the advanced ideas, you may fall behind in accomplishing the necessities.

  • List out your “must-have” components and use those at launch. Keep all your other ideas to the side until your company and website are ready for them. For example, one basic every website must have is a sign up form.
  • If your must-haves are more than simple design items, prioritize the basics first and move to the advanced options in order of difficulty – work your way through the list.

Don’t Shy Away from Open Source CMS

To get something online fast, an open source CMS (content management system) may be the best way to go for the initial launch – think WordPress. One extra benefit of using a site like WordPress is that the scripts have been tested for bugs. Cancelling out this process can save you and your company valuable time.

Keep the First Impressions and Purpose in Mind

Just because you only have the basics at launch doesn’t mean you aren’t making an impression. However, it does mean you have the opportunity to make a good first impression. Make your product and purpose stand out from the competition.

  • Sticking with the basics can make your purpose more easily recognizable. Make sure you start relating to your audience right away.
  • You’ll want to avoid PR mistakes and one way to do so is establishing your purpose and making it clear to your audience from the start.

Expect and Embrace Change

As your site gains traction, you’ll want to update current features and add new ones. Test driving new ideas can help your website gain more attention.

  • Use analytics and conduct case studies to see what other companies have done in similar situations. Take the best methods and apply them to your own website.
  • See what your users are interested in to determine what’s important and what really isn’t.

An effective and interesting website for the launch of a startup focuses on the basics of web design. Keep your purpose clear and make your product stand out. As the website gains more traction and your company expands, encompass more of the advanced features you like and that your visitors value.

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