Reason To Market Online #374 – Win More Contracts

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My company provides internet marketing services for small-medium business, and when I meet a new client, I often find myself selling the value of the web itself as much as I sell the value of my company. The fact is that the internet, despite being more than 10 years old and representing hundreds of billions in revenue for millions of companies, is still “new” in the minds of many business owners. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding online marketing, even if it’s just creating a simple website.

Of course, I’ve never had a problem convincing a business owner to market online. The technology is just too powerful. With search engine marketing and optimization, we can target potential consumers at critical stages of the buying cycle. With social marketing, we can build an audience and establish a business as an authoritative resource. With email marketing, we can take advantage of a businesses’ greatest resource – previous customers – and attain significant and immediate results.

I’ve attained a nice long list of reasons to market online during the last couple of years, but I’m always looking for more. A conversation I’ve had with a couple of business owners lately has given me another:

Reason to Market Online #374: Win More Contract Bids.

It didn’t even occur to me until I spoke to a couple of contractors, both of whom wanted to get a website up and running because they felt it would increase their chances of winning contract bids. Evidently, when contractors bid for a job, the bid review process entails more than just finding the lowest bidder. The bidder is often asked to provide references, examples of previous work, safety information, regulatory compliance, and more. What medium could provide this information better than a website?

Is someone looking for an example of a concrete foundation you’ve poured? Let’s post pictures and a copy of an inspection report. Does someone want to know what clients you’ve worked for? Let’s post a list with company general contact info. What about your safety record? Let’s create a page for your website that talks about all your safety procedures and your overall record. Is a client concerned about your compliance with laws and regulations? Let’s make sure they can find all the important disclosures on your site, and let’s also list off all of your company’s associations and accreditation’s.

The fact is, the internet provides instant and immediate access to a variety of information. By creating a useful and informative business website, you’ll increase the chances that potential customers will value your company or service higher than all the rest…and you just might win a few contract bids.

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