What Business Owners Should Know About Their Website Redesign

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website-redesignYour website is the most important variable in converting e-commerce sales. If your business is still using a 1994 template from zen-cart you may need to think about renovating your website. Before designing your companies website, your business needs to bring together its marketing, sales, and tech departments. Everything, from your website aesthetic design to your companies information affects the end user process. A great website will have a landing page that is in line with their marketing and branding efforts. On top of the design, your website must be optimized for SEO and mobile. This may seem like a daunting task for your company and if you decide to outsource your website design, you must know a few basics before you redesign your website.

What are your goals?

The goal of a redesign is often to bring more users and lower bounce rates. You business should think about long-term goals and direction. If your company is looking to enter new industries, a single tab header may not serve your business needs in the future. How are you going to generate more sales online?  Webdesignledger.com thinks that the key to generating more sales is standing out. Your business departments must commune with your designer to determine his level of creative control. A website with eye-candy that provides no value to your business does nothing but distract a user from your potential offerings.

How skilled is your designer?

Your website designer may have a portfolio of beautiful designs. This doesn’t mean that every website he designs will look as beautiful as his best works. Managing your designer may be a hard task if you know little about SEO or landing page optimization. Ask your designer if he is using a template to layout your headers and menus. Be sure to get a sample wire frame from your designer before he/she puts your text and images into the design.

Design Incrementally

Doing a full re-branding strategy may seem like it will spark growth, but slowly changing and re-working elements are the most effective way to change. This will allow rapport with your designer, as you will begin to understand that he is at your assistance for long-term support rather than just a one-night stand.

Website re-design can help your business grow in unimaginable ways. As your landing page becomes optimized for aesthetics and SEO you will begin to see lower bounce rates. Finding a great designer is half the battle and Resource Nation alleviates this stress by offering your business pre-screened web designers to redesign your companies website.

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