What is Local Search?

Posted by on March 5, 2009 in Internet Marketing, SEO [ 0 Comments ]

Local search is on the rise.  Search engine users are moving away from the one or two word search terms and continue to get more specific.  For example, the individual that is in need of a dentist would have searched for “dentist” in the past.  Over the past few years the average web user has learned how to get better results by typing more information into the search box.

A large portion of these three or four word search phrases include a city or area name (ex. New York Dentist).  When you search on Google with a [(city/area term) + (product/service keyword)] you frequently see a map within the search results.  This is commonly referred to as the 10-pack.  These results have a completely different set of rules in relation to the standard organic or natural results.

For more information on local search make sure to register for an upcoming webinar entitled “Local Search for National Brands”.  Although the title refers to national brands, any business will gain a better understanding of local search from the presentation.

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