What is Property Management Software?

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Property management software is a full service solution to manage billing, recruitment and maintenance on a property both remotely and in-house. According a Software Advice Survey, 70.6% of property managers used software or some specific application to manage and monitor their properties. It makes everyone from landlords to commercial property owner’s lives easier by interfacing all of the important tasks needed to be done on a desired property. The best thing about property management software is that it is can be as comprehensive or focused as you need.

Property management software caters to wide net of audience. Here are the most common professions that use property management software:


Smaller property managers, such as landlords have different needs from their property management software. It is likely that you, as a landlord will need solutions that assist with accounting features and recruitment. Since landlords are commonly located in the same vicinity as their property, they won’t need to remotely monitor their units. However they can use the software to schedule maintenance on a building and improve the overall renting experience by making sure they are “on top of it.” Whether you are doing something as simple as scheduling repairs or invoicing tenants, property management software works with you to keep your properties needs on one interface.


Property management software  that is used to handle commercial properties have many different functions. Commercial property management software helps you with marketing, accounting, and management of financial records. You will be able to generate reports that give you effective cost and revenue analysis of each unit. This will give you a better picture of how to price your units relative to your needs. If you own a commercial property management business, you will also be able to pay employees and guarantee tax compliance.

Ultimately, property management software optimizes your revenue streams. Integrating a variety of features for you to monitor and manage some of your most expensive assets. It provides the tools to drive informed decisions, and automates daily tasks. Whether you are a commercial property owner or a single unit landlord, you can benefit from property management software.

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2 thoughts on “What is Property Management Software?

  1. avatarGerda Ochoa

    Wow, I didn’t realize that as many as 70% of people used a software solution- that’s a really interesting aspect to our industry which I was not aware of before.

    As a property manager myself, I’ve definitely been interested in setting up a solution and have been researching various vendors. Does anyone have a recommendation between AppFolio or RealPage’s property management software solution?

    I’d love to hear more discussion on this topic – does anyone have any recommendations or experiences to share?

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