What You Can Learn From The Top 3 Direct Mail Pieces?

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The common marketing benchmark for direct mail efforts is email newsletters, but why? Direct mail isn’t a mass marketing effort it should be a targeted, creative and engaging part of your marketing mix. In fact, physical media may be one of the most effective ways to drive online traffic and brand engagement, According to the 2009 Channel Preference Study by ExactTarget, “76% of consumers have been directly influenced to purchase through direct mail.” If you are looking to launch a direct mail campaign, make sure you take the time and money to do it the right way.

Target Your Message
Okay, you probably don’t work for or own an offshore gambling company, but you can take a few notes from what they’ve done. They acquired addresses of the top gamblers in traditional casinos and directed a targeted campaign to get them to sign up. The wallet with a $100 bill may not mean much to a big ticket gambler, but it was a creative way to show traditional gamblers a new medium. If your business is in a relatively new industry, where there is a possible switch over impending, say for instance, VoIP phones, creatively targeted direct mail pieces can inspire curiosity and hopefully a purchase decision!

Make it Valuable
Making your direct mail piece valuable doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Delivering value through direct mail takes great creative thinking and ultimately flawless execution. Last year GGRP created one of the most interactive direct mail pieces to date. Their direct mail piece included a real phonograph and a manually turning 45 rpm record. The whole project was put together on a shoestring $5,000 budget, and the piece received a 90% response rate. People are still contacting GGRP to ask for about their piece!

Show You Still Care
Not every direct mail piece needs to be actionable and “in your face.” Kevin Duvalle created a simple but effective direct mail piece that may make you smile. Lets face it nobody likes invoices or receipts. This simple “happy holiday” receipt probably scared it’s recipients at first, but then, once they realized it was just a friendly note, made them happy. It’s sometimes the small things that can create loyal business customers.

Whether you are looking for a big business creative direct mail piece or you are looking to draft up something on your own. Remember to target your customers and have a measurable goal in mind. Now your direct mail efforts may not come close to these exemplary materials, they can still be effective.

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