Which Eco-Friendly Changes are Best for Your Business?

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Green Business PracticesAre you interested in “going green” but unsure of where to begin as you convert to more environmentally friendly business practices?

Operating a business means you can help play a part in saving our planet.  Why not make some small changes to make your business greener and reap the benefits and cost savings of operating a more sustainable company?

We can help you determine which eco-friendly changes are best for your business.

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Here are some suggestions of eco-friendly changes that may work well for your business:

It’s Obvious: Use Less and Track Your Savings

Use less of things like water, electricity, paper and printer ink to save money. Think about recycling and reusing office supplies.  A survey by American Recycler indicated that 90 percent of American businesses practice some form of recycling, while 10 percent do not which means we have some room for improvement countrywide.

  • Ponder the idea of shutting off lights when rooms are not in use, or turning off the computer at the end of each workday.  Think about the benefits related to allowing employees to telecommute and decide if this option is one that would work for your company and its team.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore some areas where you can save money and be greener.  Implement some changes for a month and compare your expenses to those of months past.  If you see a clear savings, then bring your entire company into the changes and start saving money and helping the environment.

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Invest Now, Save In the Long Run

If you rent or lease office space, it may not be in your best interest to drop cash to make your building’s infrastructure greener, other than simple fixes like implementing energy efficient light bulbs.  If you anticipate you’ll be in the facility for a few years or more, then it’s worth pulling out the calculator to crunch some numbers and see if it’s in your best interest to make investments like upgrading your air conditioning systems or another avenue that may afford a more significant savings.

Find Sustainability Organizations

Becoming an eco-friendly business isn’t something you have to go at alone.  Many organizations are available to help you determine which measure will give you the best return on investment.  Call your utility produce and discuss your efforts; they can help you determine what changes to implement.  Energy.gov can take you to links to tax credits, rebates and other state-based savings available for installing energy efficient windows, lights and appliances.

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Green measures are about more than just dollars saved.  The investment associated with running a business that’s environmentally conscious has benefits that are both short- and long-term.  As a business owner, place a high value on green practices and the feeling of empowerment this gives you and your team can set your business apart from others in your community.

What investments have you made in order to run a greener business?

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