White House gets Wi-Fi from General Dynamics for $7-Billion

Posted by on December 18, 2009 in Business News [ 1 Comment ]

The White House, of all places, recently announced plans to allow Wi-Fi service in the President’s home. Wi-Fi has been an extremely affordable way for businesses to attract customers – hot-spots like Starbucks and McDonalds have been using internet access to attract tech-savvy diners for sometime now.

The announcement comes on the heels of a new plan to revamp all communications at the nation’s capital to internet based options. Under the title, “Everything Over the Internet Protocol Phase I,” the plan will focus on changing all phone systems to VoIP services as well as directing all the wireless coverage to a private mobile broadband satellite system. Cisco will reportedly be the VoIP service provider for most of the networking gear in the deal.

The real winner though seems to be General Dynamics Information Technology, the company tapped by the President to adopt the new Internet Protocol-based Infrastructure. The signed deal is reportedly worth $7-million, according to the White House Communications Agency, and will be focused on sustaining, “critical day-to-day and crisis operations communications without fail,” according to Zannie Smith, senior vice president of Army Solutions for General Dynamics.

This announcement seems to be one of the steps the United States is taking to revolutionize communications and move forward along with new technological communications options. Vice President Joe Biden also announced a $182-billion broadband grant program that is intended to help promote internet communications in rural parts of Georgia, New York, and Maine.

Back during President Barack Obama’s campaign run, he had repeatedly mentioned that he supported innovative communications technologies like VoIP, and had plans for creating “affordable broadband access available to all Americans.” Both turning the White House into a hot-spot as well as introducing internet communications to rural America seem to represent his idea finally being realized, though slightly late and at the end of a decade that has been marked with numerous internet revolutions.

One thought on “White House gets Wi-Fi from General Dynamics for $7-Billion

  1. avatarJohn Francis

    Always the grand Democratic schemes with the taxpayers money.

    Tax more then spend more and keep it up until you reach the breaking point.

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