Why Location-Based Applications May Be Right For Your Business

Posted by on May 19, 2010 in Business News, Internet Marketing, Marketing [ 2 Comments ]

A study conducted by JiWire (a Wi-Fi and mobile ad server company) and reported by eMarketer tells us that, “63% [of the respondents] said they “frequently” use [smartphone] apps that require them to give their location to serve specific content.”  This is good news for marketers who are putting efforts into geotargeting and mobile applications.

The trend to create a mobile app for your business has really started to take off, and with sites like Foursquare finding out where your local customers are coming from, is that much easier.  Some companies like Tasti D-Lite are using Foursquare check-ins to allow their customers to gain reward points.

“We saw there was a trend towards consumer demand for and interest in real-time interaction with brands and companies,” said Bill Zinke, CMO at Tasti D-Lite to DM News. “We also wanted to make sure that we are staying current with the technology that is taking customer engagement and interaction to a new level, doing it in real time and in a creative way.”

Sending coupons to your loyal customers via text message is also a cost effective way to keep your local customers happy.  Giving coupons to customers who are already active in buying your product will keep them coming back, and without printing the coupons you could be saving money on paper and printing costs.

Another company planning to take advantage of this tactic is Pepsi.  When someone checks-in to any of fast food restaurant that they provide beverages for, they will earn points to get free music downloads from numerous artists.

You may not be as big as Pepsi or Tasti D-Lite, but think about how your business could benefit from location-based applications and rewards programs from geotargeting efforts.  With a quick search on Google, you can find numerous websites dedicated to building mobile apps, and many are free services.  If you have an in-house programmer, talk with him/her and see if they can build the app in-house.

Being a business owner, it is wise to keep up to date on all relevant marketing tactics, and decide what is best for your company.  Brainstorming ideas with your marketing team should help you get in the right direction, especially when it comes to new tactics like mobile applications.

2 thoughts on “Why Location-Based Applications May Be Right For Your Business

  1. avatarRachel - Appiction

    I think this is what a lot of businesses are missing by going with templated developers. The apps they are creating are so cheap and bare bones that it’s really nothing more than an app for the sake of having an app. If you’re a company feeling the heat of all your competition closing in with app, do it right and use a smart, creative and marketing-savvy company that can give you something awesome. I don’t want to plug my company Appiction too much, but there are so many capabilities out there on smartphones, geo-location is just ONE, go with a company who knows how to use them.

  2. avatarPhil

    Businesses don’t need to hire programmers or even develop their own apps because there are already so many out there they can use as promotional tools. Foursquare obviously comes to mind and DreamWalk enables businesses to attract customers using free giveaways.

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