Why Size Matters in Video Advertising

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online video vs. TVDo you remember the last time you had to rush home to catch the latest episode of your favorite show? No? Me neither. It seems like decades ago when people were bound to the broadcast schedule. Yes, there were VHS recorders, DVRs and then other kinds of recording devices. But these weren’t really innovations that changed the way people watched television or video content. Generally, people would still watch according to what was available, but more recent digital technology has altered the way people interact with programming – and changed the way broadcasters deliver content. Consumers want to be in the driver’s seat, so what are companies supposed to think and do?

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Generation Y Watch TV?
For some perspective on the subject, The Poynter Institute cited a study of millennials’ viewing habits conducted by The New York Times and found 34 percent of this age group watch mostly online video and little-to-no broadcast TV (Wow- Tweet this Stat!). A significant portion of one of the largest demographics is apparently spurning traditional TV content. Could control be the main factor leading to this tendency? What about the length of content?

If you’ve been paying attention to the trends of online or mobile communications, this information shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently put out research indicating 72 percent of adults have watched content on a video sharing site, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Although TV still takes the lion’s share of time spent watching programming, there are unique opportunities that online videos present for businesses. You can more deftly measure the impression of your ad based on how long people watch the content. In fact, research from the video buying platform VideoHub uncovered some interesting facts about the way consumers are interacting with video.

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Pay Attention to the Trends and Act on Them
To put it succinctly, size matters when it comes to video. The goal for many businesses when they create digital video advertisements is to make sure people watch the content all the way through. One way to measure the impact of your video is to track completion rates. Not surprisingly, shorter videos – those between 0 – 30 seconds – were completed 84 percent of the time. Similarly, ones between 1 – 3 minutes experienced similar rates. So, the conclusion is businesses looking to engage consumers with video ads should aim for shorter content, right? Not necessarily. Videos between 30 – 60 minutes had the highest level of completion rates at 85 percent.

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Ads running this long are few and far between, so those companies that are creating this lengthy content likely made sure it’s compelling enough to make consumers stick around. Let’ compare white papers to a blog post. When people want or need a more detailed explanation, they’ll opt for the long form content. When they want an update or a refresher, shorter pieces do the job well. That being said, it’s probably a good idea to create a healthy mix of video content. The online audience is obviously there, but you need to make sure your video ads hit the mark in terms of length.

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