Why Your Business Needs a BPO Partner

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BPO partnerAs a child, your world was limited to home. All day long, you’d play and run around the house. As you got older, however, your world grew —to your next-door neighbor, the park, and eventually nursery school. And it just kept on getting bigger—just like you.

Your growing horizons, however, wouldn’t have been possible with the help of a few trusted people—such as family and caring friends. Not only did they guide your steps along the way, they helped you learn a few moves yourself – moves that would help you survive in the big (and sometimes, bad) world.

A lot of Small and Medium Businesses can be likened to toddlers learning to get around in the world. Starting out within their own communities, the “Mom ‘N Pop’ establishments juggle between churning out products and services, and winning over new customers.  And just like the little ones, they too need to spread their wings to survive and make it big in the world.

One way to go is via three simple letters—BPO. Better known as Business Process Outsourcing, hiring a BPO company is essentially seeking “outside help” to help you with tasks and processes (like accounting, message transcription, virtual assistants, payroll, and customer support) that are likewise vital to your business.

But why ask for help—and “outside” help at that?

Customer Relations

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. A “do-it-all” handy kitchen tool would be as useless as a freezer in Alaska if there weren’t any clients to check out what it’s got. Just like the “tool”, your Shoe Rack footwear shop needs customers in order to grow, let alone survive.

A call center can, for instance, help you look for suppliers, as well as allow customers to inquire about your latest products and services. A lot of BPOs—particularly customer contact centers that provide a wide variety of call center services can even operate on a shifting, 24/7 schedule, which means that your shop can “stay open” even as you sleep. And you can even reach (and be reached by) clients from around the world.

Beyond accessibility, having a friendly and caring telephone rep from a technical support call center or telephone answering service can be an excellent customer service tool. Not only do they make clients feel at ease while doing business, they can even make them come back for more, knowing how friendly and pleasant your establishment is.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Why hire one guy to answer the phone, when you can hire 10 people to answer more phones—at a fraction of the cost? With an ever-increasing number of BPOs battling it out for client and market share, the focus is now on offering packages that not only offer clients more services, but allowing them to pay only for the services they avail.

Moreover, setting up an offshore operation in countries such as the Philippines—with its impeccable English-speaking workforce and an unparalleled warm and caring demeanor—can even save you as much as 50-80 percent vis-à-vis an equivalent Western counterpart. And we’re talking about top-notch, well-trained workers who can do more than just answer cable television subscription inquiries.

So go ahead, hire your very own BPO firm or inbound call center today and explore your world. Just like Junior, you’ll be pleasantly surmised to learn that there’s a great big world waiting for you out there.

Gerard Castillo is a content writer for Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., a fast-growing call center in the Philippines.

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