Why Your PPC Ads Should Have Campaign Specific Landing Pages

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money-treeIf you are the average web user, you will interact with 83 new web pages today. Some sites will capture and hold your attention and some will be history in seconds. A big factor influencing your decision to browse further, or X out is the first page you see. Marketing managers must know that a well-planned landing page is one of the most significant characteristics of your online marketing efforts. Your inbound marketing strategy should incorporate campaign specific landing pages. These landing pages are more relevant to your targeted niches and will likely engage potential customers. After all, you have already paid for the customer to be directed to your site.

Mass marketing strategies may work for some companies, but targeting a specific niche is how small businesses survive. With your online ad campaigns you will want to create ad copy and content that is relevant to your target category. Once you have directed people to your site, the power is in your hands to convert these people.

More Relevance

To increase these conversions, the first page that the user sees must be relevant to the targeted keywords and the ad copy that got them to click. Try including all the same phrases that were in your ad’s message on the web page the user is directed to. Google Quality Score relies heavily on the similarities between your ad and your landing page. Raising your Google Quality Score has numerous benefits for your company. You will improve your ad reach because a higher score improves your ad position. With a higher quality score you will also pay less per click, allowing more ad budget flexibility and improved ROI.

Calls to Action

While you personalize web pages to be keyword grouping specific it is a good idea to incorporate an actionable, promotional element to your landing page. Some mass marketing strategies that lead users to a generic home page will rely on site navigation to convert customers. Relying on users to navigate your site naturally is not the strategy for customized landing pages, it is more effective by selling quicker and including a “sign up” or “buy now” option.  According to Silverpop, “On the landing pages, which are personalized for each company yet mimic the look and feel of the email, Unum provides recipients with clear calls to action to enroll via multiple channels (phone, online, or one-to-one meeting with a benefits counselor).” If done well, these calls to action will generate more quality leads for your company.

A campaign specific landing page will improve your PPC ad performance. You will begin to see better campaign ROI and generate more quality leads for less.

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One thought on “Why Your PPC Ads Should Have Campaign Specific Landing Pages

  1. avatarSteven J. Ram

    Yes yes yes. Well done Matt on explaining the fundamentals of a targeted landing page. It still amazes me just how “non” landing page expertise some advertisers think or rather don’t think about. Your post is must have read for any online marketing newbie and even well experienced do-ers.

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