Why Your Restaurant Needs a POS System

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Long gone are the days of those 400lb cash registers with hundreds of confusing buttons. If you are a restaurant owner in the market for a restaurant POS system, look no further! POS systems, also known as “point of sale systems,” are computerized programs that help your food service business record transactions. You may be thinking, “well I already have a cash register to do that, so why would I need a POS system?” I’ll put it this way, people who worked on typewriters asked the same thing about computers 30 years ago. The answer is simple, POS systems can do everything. They record transactions, print checks, send command orders to your kitchen, process credit cards, and much more.


POS solutions give you the ability to monitor and control almost every function of your restaurant business, in-house or remotely. You are able to access better data on your business faster, and that may free up other areas of business like inventory control and marketing. For example, if you understand your inventory in real-time you will be able to push the sales of item nearing expiration.

For full service restaurants, POS systems touch screen displays that make managing your wait staff assignments as simple as a few touches. Managers are able to operate multiple restaurants directly or remotely with real time reporting. Giving you the ability to modify pricing, monitor inventory, keep track of employee time and attendance, and marketing initiatives from a web hosted software.

On top of this your staff will be more efficient, especially in full service restaurants because POS systems can be programmed to provide step by step order entry guidance to ensure everything is included and processed in a customer order.

What to Look For:
Order and Go- Order and go restaurants, like deli’s, coffee shops, bakeries, or any other restaurant without a wait staff want a solution that speeds up transactions. If you own a quick service restaurant you may be able to improve customer experience by speeding transactions up to 44%, according to an IBM study. The main purpose of these systems is to reduce order errors and reduce wait times. Basic Features to look for are:

  • Large buttons with instant checkout capabilities
  • Inventory information
  • Credit card processing and cash register capabilities

Sit Down Restaurants– require a more integrated solution. These systems typically must include features for :

  • Specific chain and fire kitchen commands
  • Customer data tracking
  • Check splitting
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Managerial reporting data and information systems

A restaurant POS system is a big purchase decision, requiring extensive research and price quote assessments. If you want to read more on POS systems, consult our Restaurant POS System Buyer’s Guide.

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Restaurant Needs a POS System

  1. avatarArron Johnson

    All businesses need a solid POS system in order to increase productivity and their bottom line. If you are still using a cash register, your competitors are eating you alive.

  2. avatarDenise

    I agree with Arron. Some restaurants are even using smartphones as their POS system. Compared to old school cash registers, POS system can assure you perfect accuracy in identifying inventory levels.

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