With Cyber Monday Over, What’s The Next Step For Your Online Store?

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Monday started the official kick off to the online holiday shopping season, also known as Cyber Monday. The early stats are in–conversion rates for consumers who actually purchased items were up about 14% from last year. Traffic to ecommerce sites was also up about 1 million visitors making a total of 4 million shoppers this year, according to Akamai, a web monitoring firm.

With the state of the economy many retailers online and offline were anticipating a slump in sales, but these numbers seem to give some hope. Although the extra traffic was defiantly welcomed, the extra peak in visitors caused some sites to have issues. Hewitt Packard and Dell both had intermittent issues that placed them last in performance rankings this year according to the web performance management firm Gomez. Now that the jump start to the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing, it is important your ecommerce site is ready for the extra traffic.

Talk to your webmasters if you don’t handle how many visitors your site can handle at once. Make sure you allow for higher volumes than normal for the next month. If it takes longer to load your pages, you could be losing potential customers. You don’t want someone to click through, and then at the last page leave because they got impatient because your page was loading too slowly.

Also make it clear how secure your site is to your shoppers. With more and more hackers and identity theft, people are weary to give up their credit card information if they don’t think your site is secure. Just making a simple change by adding an extra sentence to the top of your credit card form stating “this site is secure” can be enough.

Take into account how your site is presented, the easier it is to find items in your online store, the better your click rate will be. If you need spend a little extra money and invest in an ecommerce web design firm go for it—think of it this way, if you decorate your home for the holidays why not your online store? If you don’t want to hire a large firm there are plenty of free lance web designers and graphic designers that can help you spruce up for the holidays.

Learn from your mistakes. Look at your website statistics for Cyber Monday and see how you could have improved your traffic rate and conversion rates. Sometimes the simplest changes can really make a difference. Just moving your “buy now” button to a different area or having your “add to shopping cart” button in a different location can make it easier for shoppers to make their purchases.

Experts are predicting there are going to be better specials after Cyber Monday, so gear up and get ready, its going to be a long and stressful month for ecommerce business owners. You have gotten through the first hurdle, now learn from your mistakes and keep your website development up-to-date.

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