Without Follow-Up You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Posted by on September 4, 2008 in Business Management, Marketing [ 0 Comments ]

Did you know that 80% of all sales happen on or after the 5th contact? Yet most small business owners only do one or two follow-ups with their prospects and clients. That means you are missing out on a lot of business and leaving money on the table.

Although we worry about contacting people too much, studies show that most people need several contacts (that are useful and relevant to them) before they’ll say yes to being your client.

People need to learn to trust and like you before they’ll enter into a relationship with you and that takes consistent connection. Follow up with people to let them know that you are sincere in wanting to form and nurture an ongoing relationship, that you understand their concerns and problems and that you’re in for the “long haul”.

Also, people buy when they are ready, not when you’re ready to make a sale! It’s important to constantly keep in front of people so that when they’re ready to buy you’ll be there. In other words, you have to follow up with them regularly.

People usually need to be exposed to a marketing message several times before making a decision to purchase.

Another reason to stay top of mind in your prospect’s and client’s mind is that they may not be ready to purchase but they may know someone else who is. By staying in front of them with consistent follow up, they’ll have the information, confidence and trust to refer you to their friends, family, associates and others.

Start implementing some follow-up marketing strategies today to make ongoing, consistent contact with prospective and current customers – so that you can stop leaving money on the table!

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