Women’s Small Business Month Has Arrived

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Womens Small Business MonthIt’s October, and this month marks the time to recognize the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs with Women’s Small Business Month. It’s a time to step back from your hectic routine, and for the world to take notice of your accomplishments. According to the The Washington Post, female owned firms generated $3 trillion in sales in 2009  This month also marks the time for female entrepreneurs and business owners to collaborate and focus on strategies for growth.

Women are continuing to dominate the business world with more than 8 million businesses being majority female owned. However, there is room for growth, according to Wall-Street Journal, women-owned businesses only account for 27% to their male counterparts. This number is continuing to grow because there are hundred of resources for women business owners to succeed. One of these resources is “women in business” events, and this month is an exciting time because it allows for an excuse to network.

LinkedIn has some popular “women in business” events here. A valuable business resource is always people who are in similar situations as you. Being a female business owner has many benefits, and strength by numbers is a major advantage. Networking at events will foster friendships, business partners, and mentors.

Women’s Small Business Month is also a time to re-evaluate your business goals and future direction. Has the past year has been hectic and you feel like it’s all for nothing? The success stories of other female entrepreneurs could help motivate and re-spark the passion for what you do!

Amidst the recession, cash is in short supply, you may have apprehensions about “diving in”. If your business is in its infancy or you haven’t even launched your business, there is no better time than now. There are resources available to help get your business whatever it may need.

Startups are a cluster of confusion, excitement and frustration. If you are ready to follow your dream and start a business; why not have Women’s Small Business Month as your company’s anniversary?

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