WristFone Approved by the FCC

Posted by on April 27, 2010 in Business Start Up Advice [ 1 Comment ]

Canadian Firm ‘Neutrano’ has spent the last few years developing a watch which doubles as a phone. The first styles of this watch looked as though your wrist was literally supporting a phone, but the new sleek model is actually stylish and wearable.

The WristFone bears a similar make as any wrist watch but with the ability to receive phone calls, text message and rumored internet capabilities. When a phone call is received on the WristFone the wearer can pop off the phone portion of the watch to avoid talking into your wrist. The WristFone is also blue tooth enabled so calls be directed and answered solely through a headset.

The WristFone has an integrated keypad which is touchscreen to allow for text messaging and dialing of phone numbers. The FCC finally approved the WristFone so the company hopes to have the product released in June. Prices of the product are said to be between $300-$400 dollars. Colors, and band styles are still being decided.

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