Your Business’ Prime Purpose is to Give

Posted by on January 30, 2009 in Marketing [ 0 Comments ]

I know that many businesses feel that their main purpose is to make a profit and provide for their family and employees.

But I would say that your prime purpose is to give as much as you can to everyone you meet during the course of your business.

Many people wait until someone becomes a paying customer before they start adding value to that person’s life.  I think that’s short-sighted thinking and definitely not in line with the idea that we are all connected, and that prosperity and abundance flows amongst us.

To be successful within our businesses and our lives, we need to start giving.  Giving of our time, our expertise, our opinions, our strategies, our mistakes, our triumphs, our ideas, our money, our credibility and on and on.

I believe that at the heart of each of us, we have a deep desire to make a real difference with our businesses – that’s where the passion and fuel comes from that sustains us through shaky beginnings, down times and expensive mistakes.

Try to approach you business for the next few weeks in the frame-of-mind of giving.  Add value to anyone and everyone you run across in the course of your business day.  Not only will people feel good interacting with you and get an amazing experience, but you’ll have a great day practicing abundance with everyone.

Some ways you can add value are:

  • gracefully acknowledge the comments people give you via your blog or online forums/discussion groups, and give them an extra tip
  • when people register for a course or teleseminar, always give them a bonus report
  • after people buy something, have an extra little goodie they can access on the shopping cart page
  • surprise people with discounts on your products and services at unexpected times (everyone gives on their birthday and around Christmas)
  • pop a great article into the mail to a client you know would get something out of it
  • send a cool link or uplifting video to your list – just make sure it’s something that would be of value to them
  • offer special deals and VIP pricing to your top clients
  • have a contest for your prospects and offer 3 months in your membership program free for the winner
  • pass along a great marketing opportunity you’ve come across to your peers and similar companies
  • give a new person in business a break – support their launches with a bonus product, share a business or marketing idea, introduce them to your list

There’s many ways that you can give in your business – try to cultivate opportunities to give value to everyone you talk to…you’ll not only boost your good feelings, but boost your success.

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