Marketing Fun Friday: 10 Things Your Business Should be Tweeting Everyday

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twitter businessEngaging your customers over social media is a must. According to Salesforce Insight 2011:

  • 42% of social media users contacted brands via social networks (Tweet this stat!)
  • 61% were willing to give feedback to a brand on their social profile (Tweet this stat!)

Furthermore, the conversion rate for generating sales over Twitter is 2.7% – 6% greater than referral traffic, 10% greater than paid search, and 50% greater than organic search.

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In order to take advantage of the various marketing, sales, and customer service opportunities available on Twitter, you need to know what to tweet. Populate your Twitter feed with these types of posts:

1. Job Postings: Have a job opening posted on your website or an online job board? Tweet it! According to Jobvite, 73% of businesses have successfully hired a job candidate through social media, and 43% saw an increase in candidate quality when they recruited over social.

2. Product Teasers: You don’t have to be developing your business’s response to Google Glass in order to tease a product over Twitter. Create interest and generate buzz by letting your followers know ahead of time that you’re working on something they’re going to love.

3. Your Blog Posts: Twitter users love links, and accounts whose content consists of links 60% to 80% of the time tend to get the most retweets (Hubspot).

4. Industry-Related Articles: It’s not enough to tweet your own content. Post articles that are related to your industry or written by your business partners in order to present diverse content to your followers.

5. Live Tweeting: Attending a conference, seminar, webinar, or other special event? By live tweeting throughout the event – quoting speakers, repeating relevant statistics, and dispersing the information you’re hearing to the world at large – you can attract followers and increase the authority of your tweets.

6. Relevant Quotes: Whether it’s from an industry leader, your CEO, or Mr. Rogers, a quote is a quick tweet that can express meaning in a funny or serious manner and is highly likely to be re-tweeted.

7. Peeks into the Business: Show your followers that your business is run by humans, not automatons. Let them know what’s happening behind the curtain: is it someone’s birthday? Are you celebrating a milestone? Is the weather particularly lovely today?

8. Events: if your business is holding a special event or traveling to attend one, Twitter is a great way to let your followers know what’s going on ahead of time.

9. Questions: Social media is all about engagement. Engage your followers directly by asking them questions about your products, your business, and the world at large. Examples include: What do you like about our product? What’s your favorite product? How do you use our product?

10. Replies: The other side of engagement – your responses. Twitter is built for conversations, which means many of your tweets need to be messages to your followers. Send new followers a thank-you. Respond to customers talking about your business (especially if they’re complaining). 58% of customers who make a complaint over Twitter will never receive a response from the company. Use Twitter to improve your customer service by responding to complaints (Bluewolf).

According to the Bain & Co. report “Putting Social Media to Work,” when companies engage with customers and provide responses to customer service requests over social media, those customers end up spending 20% to 40% more money with the company. The key to making Twitter a valuable part of your business strategy, you need to post interesting content, prove that you’re human, and take an active part in conversations with customers.

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