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Quick Guide to Access Control Systems

Many institutions, medical offices, government buildings, and business parks require access control systems for employees and visitors. These systems protect a company and organization from risk and monitor who is coming and out of a business. From keypad entry systems to card swiping, there are a variety of methods offered to allow customers or employees access to your premises.

Access control means anything that is allowing you access and keeping somebody else unwanted, away from accessing your assets. Before computer technology access control was just apparent in key locking systems and or security guards. These two methods of protecting assets do not incorporate the use of computer information technology, but today access control can be found in everything from ATM cards to cellular phones. As a business owner, access control systems are extremely important when you are seeking to secure important information and equipment.

Access control systems are physical facilities or computer based information systems that will allow access to an area or an asset. Access control is a security layer that is in place to keep your building safe and potentially allow you, the owner, knowledge of who is coming and going.

Whether you are moving locations or are a startup business, ensuring proper access control is integral to keeping sensitive business information and assets safe. Physical access control may be an option for business security system if you have the capital to hire a full time security guard or receptionist. If not, then electronic access control may help integrate and streamline your security system.

Electronic access control will allow your company to allow access to employees or customers to different areas of the company based on credentials. When access is granted the computer information system records the access and will report it to you. If access is not granted you, as the business owner will also have reports of this.

Access to certain areas or assets can be in three main forms. The first authentication is access by a password or pin. This is effective for businesses looking to incorporate a general security system. A downside of this may be the employee giving out the password by word of mouth. The next authentication option is by smart card or card access. This is more secure than a password and will be user specific. Larger corporations have begun to implement this method of access control as their main form of security. The last authentication system could be user specific, such as fingerprint or biometrics. These are highly secure and will allow a very reliable way to keep out unwanted users.

Fire alarm systems are designed to detect the presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. Fire alarm systems are mandatory for businesses and can be integrated with your electronic access control system. Automatic fire alarm systems will notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency. Electronic access control will sync with these systems and allow you to determine where your employees are and prevent any mix-ups with employee attendance.

Digital security systems ultimately offer the business owner flexibility and information in their business security systems. Employing access control systems with time and attendance systems will allow a business to grant employee access to a facility while checking them in to work. This technology seems so advanced that, many businesses feel that it is not necessary. However, restructuring your time and attendance system with your access control system will become extremely convenient for employee monitoring. It may be time for you business to switch from manual keys and/or security guards to a computer information based system. To learn more about switching your security system to access control solutions, our buyer guide provides comprehensive purchasing information, click here to read more.