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Aerial Lifts Tips

Anyone who works at heights will attest to the advancements in technology not only in lifting technology but the safety that comes with it. Most people think of lifts in two varieties. The scissor lift and the good old boom lift. The boom is sometimes referred to as the cherry picker since most people associate it with that type of activity. There has been some new types of lifts introduced into the market that some people may not be aware of. The gondola lift and Funitel are just a couple of the aerial lifts introduced.

Something all lifts use in one way or another is the power of leverage. To raise large amounts of weight and transport them safely across large heights in a stable fashion. The differential being that the boom lift and scissor lift allow the user to maneuver the apparatus to different locations. This is a profound advantage to those looking at doing work at heights. For example companies that are in the utilities sector usually have power lines attached to telephone poles. If there is work that needs to be done the technician without a boom would have to get a ladder and have someone hold that ladder, they would then have to climb up and down back and forth. Not only time consuming but it would be more dangerous. Without aerial lifts,gondola lift, Funitel we could never attain the heights safely that we are able to now. This is thanks to the power of leverage and hydraulics.

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We're matching you to top-rated
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