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Benefits of an All in One Printer Copier

All in one printer copiers are becoming increasingly popular with businesses that have limited space or budgets for purchasing multiple machines. A multi function printer copier is a machine that combines several tasks. Most make copies, print directly from employee computers, can send and receive faxes, and can scan documents for printing or electronic storage.

There are many benefits to purchasing an all in one printer fax scanner copier, rather than separate machines to perform each of these functions. For one, a single machine is almost always less expensive. A single machine uses less electricity and takes up less space in an office, and can be placed in a single location to be used by all employees. An all in one printer scanner copier also saves paper and reduces waste, because documents can be scanned and shared electronically rather than photocopied for distribution. A vendor that specializes in these types of machines should be able to help you find the best all in one printer copier for your business.