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Annuities Tips

In general, an annuity is a contract an insurance company sells that is intended to provide payments to the investor at specific intervals, and it is usually regarded as a retirement annuity. With this plan, investors are taxed when they withdraw funds from their account or begin taking distributions. In addition, annuity rates are fixed or variable, and while a fixed annuity guarantees a specified payment amount, a variable annuity has the possibility of providing greater returns,. Both types of annuities are considered to be low-yielding and relatively safe as an investment, and the death benefit they provide equals the pension’s current value or the amount the contributor has invested, whichever is greater. Note however that while a variable annuity is preferred by some, despite the inherent risk, annuity rates are always an important consideration when you are deciding which one you should invest in.

In making your decision, you can use an annuity calculator to estimate the amount of income you could realize from various annuities you are considering. However, an annuity calculator can only approximate what your income level might be if you invest in one because various details related to the product cannot be analyzed by using this simple method. Two relatively recent trends—the fact that some people are taking earlier retirement and living longer—have altered the way in which they view a retirement annuity. They want to ensure that there will be a certain amount of growth to allow for inflation and protect their principal as well.