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Quick Guide to Appointment Setting

What is appointment setting?
Appointment setting is very similar to telemarketing except that the goal is to set an appointment for your business as opposed to actually closing the sale over the phone. Typically a company or individual will hire a professional appointment setter to call upon targeted prospects and try to get sales appointments set.

Appointment setting companies specialize in this type of activity, so they know how to handle objections, how to deal with secretaries, and how to funnel the prospect into the desired action.

Why you should consider hiring an appointment setting company
Sales is the lifeblood of just about any business. Few of us have the luxury of sitting back and watching passive sales roll in. We have to be actively engaged in the sales process. Oftentimes, salesmen and business owners find that the entire sales process is too time consuming and they need to outsource certain parts of it.

One of the easiest parts to outsource is the initial cold-call to try and get an appointment. Sales go up significantly when done in person, so it is critical to get that appointment. If you have a long sales cycle, then you need to establish a relationship with a prospect, which can usually only be done in person. Also, by having someone else call a prospect your company can appear larger and more legit than it may really be.

Getting your sales rep in front of the right decision maker at a company can significantly increase your bottom line.

What to look for in a good appointment setting company
A good appointment setter will actually be able to get you appointments. This may sound elementary, but if the appointment setter isn't landing you quality appointments, then you need to look elsewhere. One way to gauge this is to get references or sample statistics from the prospective company. See if they've worked in your industry before and try to determine what their percentage of appointments set vs. calls made is.

The appointment setter is representing your company, so they should be professional and courteous. If you can try and talk with the person who is actually going to be making the phone calls and see what you think of their phone presence.

Lastly, be sure and talk with several appointment setting companies so you can compare their services and rates. You can easily use the form above to get quotes from quality companies matched by Resource Nation. If you would like to read more information, please visit our appointment setter buyer guide.

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We're matching you to top-rated
Call Centers vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...