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Quick Guide to Backhoe Loaders

Finding the right backhoe for your construction business doesn’t have to move you to despair. When researching vendors for backhoes, determine first how much money you want to spend and what likely construction projects will entail. For example, projects involving deep-down digs of 14 to 16 feet, you’re best served with a full-sized backhoe, while a compact backhoe will serve digs of 8 to 10 feet. Should buying backhoes prove too expensive a proposition, consider a lease.
Using backhoes also requires insurance (both to cover your business and the backhoes). Property insurance covers the equipment from damage, while general liability protection meets the needs of covering those using the equipment.
Important Backhoe Questions to Ask
When it comes to backhoe necessities, consider the following for both yourself and prospective vendors:
  • Do I need a backhoe, mini excavator or skid steer loader?
  • If purchasing a used backhoe, are there any signs of rust or fluid leaks? Has the vehicle ever been involved in an accident? What potential maintenance expenses am I looking at with a used backhoe?
  • What are the safety features? Does it include safety chains? Backhoes should feature sturdy frame lock and attaching levers that hold it securely to the frame of the loader both when in use and for transport.
Things to Know About Backhoes
  • Prices for backhoes vary, especially when it comes to buying new or used. A backhoe can easily cost $50,000 to $75,000 or more. If unsure whether to buy new or used, check to see that the used cost isn’t similar to what you would pay for a new backhoe.
  • A backhoe’s standard equipment involves a narrow bucket located on the back end and a loader up front.
  • There are a number of tools available to add to backhoe loaders. Among them are asphalt grinders and grapples, augers, hydraulic hammers and pallet forks, allowing the loader to accomplish a number of things regardless of where it is in use.