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Beverage (Alcohol) Distributor Tips

Over 3,000 distributors are responsible for providing that nation's leading beverage - alcohol. These beer distributors adhere to strict state guidelines regarding the distribution of alcoholic beverages. In recent years, the state governing system over beer distribution has come under attack. There are many legislators and judges who seek to make beer distributors controlled by federal laws, rather than state laws. Distributors favor the state regulation system, because it is must easier to understand and implement. A federally controlled system could become a great hassle, given the varying interpretations of federal laws that states could have.

The alcoholic beverage distributors in this country employ about 100,000 Americans. These alcoholic beverage distributors ensure that beer is distributed in adequate, safe, and legal conditions. Distributors have an immense responsibility for ensuring alcoholic beverages do not crack open or leak during the process of delivery. Because distributors are responsible for a high demand beverage - alcohol, they need to ensure every bottle arrives on time to a merchandiser. Furthermore, distributors are responsible for making sure alcohol is safe to drink. The United States is blessed to have such a strong regulatory state-based system controlling alcohol. In other countries, like Russia, over 40,000 citizens die every year from poisonous alcohol. Distributors in the United States also ensure that alcohol is truly alcohol. In China, over 60% of the alcohol distributed is actually fake and does not contain an ounce of alcohol. Distributors ensure consumers get the best value for their money and the safest alcohol to drink.

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We're matching you to top-rated
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