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Business Support in Today’s Market

The definition of business support has evolved from its days of note taking and answering phones. Today business support means spread sheets and advanced internet skills. Business support services are searching for someone qualified in desktop publishing, the most current Microsoft program and advanced internet skills. They usually use terms such as "administrative support services" and "office support services."

Since everything that needs to be accomplished in a company is all on the computer these days, businesses typically outsource their business support needs. Business support cannot thrive without Product Management and Customer Management.

  • Product management handles the planning and marketing of a product throughout its development and a product manager investigates, selects, and develops products for an organization, performing the activities of product management. You can expect a product manager to mold the product to fit the company’s business model, to find the target demographic to market to, and to compare the product to the competitions.
  • Customer Management manages a business’s customer service.  With office support being outsourced and businesses communicating through the World Wide Web, it is easy to forget that consumers need human contact. Customer management maintains and mediates the connection between the public and the company.