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CAD/CAM Software Tips

CAD/CAM software is used in a number of different industries, not only in the construction and architecture fields. Take for example, the medical industry. In the past ten years, medical industries have undergone major changes. Technology has revolutionized the way surgeons and dentists operate on patients. Using CAD software, dentists are able to do tooth and mouth operations with fine-tuned precision. Scraping a particular millimeter of a tooth is a cinch with the large images projected by CAD software. In years before CAM software became popular, doctors were left depending on their own eyesight for doing minute surgery procedures. CAM software projects a large image of a patient's body onto a computer screen. The software then pinpoints the particular areas a doctor needs to operate upon, in order to complete the procedure.

Without the use of engineering software in hospitals. lawsuits from patients would be on the rise. The use of engineering software actually helps prevent patients from being able to find medical malpractice suits. When a doctor uses milling software, he or she is taking the necessary precaution for a surgery procedure. A patient has no basis for blaming a doctor that he or she used a low standard of care in doing an operation. Instead, the use of milling software proves that a doctor approached an operation with a heightened standard of care. Using software during an operation can also be beneficial for the patient. For example, if a patient is having an arthroscopic procedure done on a torn ligament in the knee, then he or she may request a video copy of the surgery. Videos of surgeries are now available with this type of software.