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Construction Equipment And Supplies Tips

Unless you have large amounts of cash to dole out it may seem difficult to meet your construction needs. Fortunately there are other options to purchasing equipment, renting and leasing for example. Leasing a backhoe is similar to leasing a Lexus; you can test out the model and give it back at the end of the term. Renting is an alternative option that is best for short term use. If you are interested in eventually owning the equipment long term there are lease to own options. This option benefits the seller in that they sidestep loss of equity investment. If you still cannot decide which option is best for you, here are a few things to consider:

• Are you going to use the equipment more than sixty percent of the time?

• If you rent you can charge the client for the rental fees, if you purchase there are possible tax incentives.

• Interest rates are relatively low when financing equipment; this could be to your advantage.

• Decide if the resale value is to your advantage. Does it hold its value?

• Are transportation costs expensive and possibly financially burdening?

Evaluate what geography and distance will have on costs. For more information on your construction needs check out our local provider directory.