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Consumer Credit Cards Tips

Consumer credit is one of the most ubiquitous features of personal finance. The expansion and contraction of consumer credit portends large shifts in consumer spending patterns. Consumer spending influences sales across multiple sectors of the economy. Consumer credit cards are the most common means whereby consumer credit is exercised. Consumer credit cards are offered by credit card companies and retail or department stores. Personal credit cards are used for all categories of purchases, from groceries to books and electronics. Credit cards are here to stay. The convenience of being able to buy essentials and non-essentials on credit will always be a selling point.

Large and small businesses have a vested interest in ensuring a good portion of consumer credit spending goes to them. The competition for personal credit cards is intense. Credit card companies themselves often partner with businesses to give them advantages such as special offers. These entice consumers to use a particular credit card at a particular store, raising the profits of both. Businesses that offer their own top credit cards can make the deal sweeter for consumers by giving them discounts on popular products. The consumer spending wallet is so large that entire industries tailor their products and services to meet its demands.

Credit cards, despite their advantages, are also the largest source of debt problems for most consumers. Top credit cards have features to protect themselves from defaulting borrowers. Credit cards do not come without consequences. Consumers who use credit cards must use them in a responsible manner.