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Content Delivery Network (CDN) Tips

Using a content delivery network, CDN, can make a website load faster and increase download speeds. This increases customer satisfaction and can improve search engine rank, meaning more organic traffic. Instead of content being stored on one dedicated server, files are stored on CDN nodes in various places on the network. These CDN nodes can be in one country or all over the world. This makes for quicker network delivery and faster load times.

Different file types can be stored on a CDN service. The images used on the website can be stored on one, so can downloadable media. Videos, pictures, streaming video, applications and software downloads can all be placed on the CDN service for faster network delivery.

When a visitor loads the page or starts a download, the file will be accessed from the closest dedicated server. This means data travels less distance and reaches the visitor faster. When search engines crawl websites, the load time is taken into consideration for page rank. Having a site load faster can mean higher page rank. A higher page rank means more search engine traffic, and increased traffic can lead to more sales and higher ad revenue.

Using a content delivery network is a smart investment for sites with streaming video, downloads or a site heavy in graphics. Internet users have very short attention spans. Slow load times and slow downloads can make a visitor leave the site never to return. Using a CDN ensures the visitor will have the fastest load and download times possible.

We're matching you to top-rated
Content Delivery Network (CDN) vendors...
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We're matching you to top-rated
Content Delivery Network (CDN) vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...