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Copiers: A Quick Guide

Copier machines have always been – and continue to be – a staple of traditional business equipment. In fact, the US photocopier market is expected to exceed 1.5 million units by 2015 Global Industry Analysts.

Thanks to technological advancements in scanning resolution and print quality, clunky copiers with poor printing capabilities are a thing of the past, replaced by newer models with significant advantages over their predecessors. Whether you are looking to replace your outdated copier machine, or are a first time purchaser, there are many benefits to having the most up-to-date equipment at your office.

Features and Functions

Copy machines host a wealth of new features in the digital age. Digital copiers can link wirelessly to your business network, upload scanned documents on your server or email them to whoever you choose. Once the leading offenders to the “go green” movement, the latest copiers are vastly more energy efficient, have longer life spans, use less ink, and use recycled components.

Every business will have different needs for their copiers and there are many different types of copiers available.

  • A graphically-intense business, such as a marketing or print advertising company, will need a color copier with the most advanced scanning and printing technology to produce professional results.
  • Businesses with simpler printing needs may, in contrast, only need a black-and-white printer/copier with basic scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities.

Head to our Buyer’s Guide for more features and options.


Copiers can greatly range in price – from around $100 for a basic home-use copier to several thousand dollars for a robust multi-functional models used in many corporate offices. The price of your copier will depend on the brand you choose and the functionality you require – how much your business prints each day, the quality of printing that it typically needs, and the need for color or black-and-white ink.

That $100 household printer might seem like a deal, but an office with a high volume of printing needs could wear it out in a single day.

Most business copiers are multi-function devices that can print, copy, scan, fax, and email documents. A multi-functional copier can save you the cost of having to purchasing, store, and maintain multiple machines. Buying a high-quality, expensive printer can save you money in the long run by keeping all of your printing in-house, rather than sent to an outside printing service. An in-office copy, printer, scanner will often cost far less than competing services.

Learn more about pricing at our buyer’s guide, Comparing Copier Costs.

Before You Buy

Your company should have a projection of how many copies will be made per month, and the speed at which you want your copy machine to run. If your business only needs a basic copy printer combination, you can avoid extra costs by purchasing a machine with only those features.

The best thing about in-office copy machines is that they are convenient, quick and efficient. They allow you extra flexibility on the go, when a crucial document wasn’t accounted for or when something needs to save before going out the door.

If you’re looking for a copier, you may also want to consider looking at office furniture and printer ink and toner.