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How CPA Marketing Works

Cost-per-action, or CPA advertising, is a type of online marketing where a business only pays for an ad based on a certain action. The action can be a “click” on an online ad, a lead generated, or even a sale. CPA online advertising is popular because most of the risk and expense are borne by the publishing website, and most of the benefits are incurred by the business placing the ad. CPA internet advertising usually ends up being less expensive than other advertising methods, such as banner ads or cost-per-impression advertising.

CPA affiliate advertising works by placing an ad, logo, or link on a website your customers are likely to visit. For example, many visitors to a site for landlord and tenant forms might also be in the market for low-cost credit check services. If your business provides this service, linking to a site that provides services to the same customers is likely to generate “clicks” on the link. CPA affiliate marketing is a great way to reach potential customers that already have a need for your product or service.