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Costs of a Credit Card Swiper

Credit card swipers are great tools when used as part of a POS system. A credit card swiper machine is a hardware component that records credit card information by reading the magnetic strip on the back of a card, and transmitting the information to your merchant account for processing and verification.

A basic swiper machine uses a phone line to connect to the merchant account. A wireless credit card swiper uses a wireless internet connection, which means it is much faster and doesn’t tie up a phone line to use. Wireless credit card swipers are more expensive, but can be leased for as little as $30 a month in some cases. Some providers might offer use of a machine for free as a “bonus” for opening a merchant account.

Another option is a portable credit card swiper. Portable credit card swipers can be used from anywhere, and are not physically connected to a terminal. Employees can ring up purchases from anywhere in the store, usually using an electronic signature capture device to record the transaction. Portable swipers can cost into the thousands of dollars, depending on the features and technology used. A credit card machine provider will be able to tell you more about the specific costs of each kind of device.
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We're matching you to top-rated
POS Systems vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...