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CRM and Sales Software Basics

According to a report by the Aberdeen Group, the top 3 drivers for investing in CRM software were: improving customer retention (42%), improving customer satisfaction (33%), and increasing cross-selling and up-selling (32%). The right CRM and sales software can help your business in all three of these areas, and guide your business in the right direction for healthy relationships with customers.

The Importance of CRM

Your CRM database and sales software go hand-in-hand. Your sales force needs to be armed with correct and updated client and customer information in order to maximize sales and profits. When utilized effectively, the right customer relationship management software will constantly feed your sales funnel with new customers and potential leads – while also optimizing upsells and resells to existing customers.


The right CRM software can help you track leads, manage customer information, create and assess sales goals, and generate reports that analyze customer and sales data in a variety of ways. The type of reports you require will depend on your specific business needs, so look for a program that offers the customizable reporting options necessary for your business.

Campaign Tracking

Your CRM and sales software can help you to create and track your business’s marketing campaigns. You can create targeted campaigns based on information that you already collect in your CRM database, such as purchase history, location, or customer demographics. The CRM software can then track your marketing campaign, monitoring responses and conversions and analyzing the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

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Integrated with your sales team, you can target your marketing to each individual client, increasing customer responsiveness and goodwill. When their interactions with your company are personalized through CRM, customers feel more valued.

Emerging Technologies

Many new CRM systems can integrate with social media platforms, enabling your business to connect with customers over multiple new channels. According to Salesforce Insight 2011, 42% of social media users contacted brands via social networks. 61% were willing to give feedback to a brand on their social profile. Managing your business’s presence on social media can be made much easier through CRM.

Mobile and cloud-based CRM software is the latest wave in business technologies. Cloud-based CRM software allows you to store all of your data on a third-party server for a monthly fee. You can access the program and all of your information from any internet-enabled device, such as your company laptop or your mobile phone.

  • When your CRM and sales software goes mobile, your sales team can update the status of a client, input new lead information or get a hold of necessary reports from the road, the airport, or a meeting with a client. Storing your CRM on the cloud reduces mistakes, prevents delays in updating customer information, and improves overall communication between members of your sales team.

When deciding on a CRM system, keep in mind the specific needs of your business. You don’t have to buy the program that has all the bells and whistles – just the program that will fulfill your current and future CRM needs. Compare the costs and benefits of each system to make sure you purchase the right one for your business.

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