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Benefits of Factoring Receivables

Receivables factoring can be a great way for a business to obtain operating capital in a relatively short amount of time. Some businesses even use accounts receivable financing in a strategic way to profit off of late-paying customers and take advantage of short-term investment strategies.

Your company can especially benefit from factoring if you only “sell” or factor accounts receivable that are difficult to collect. When you factor accounts receivables, you are in effect outsourcing the collection function to a separate entity. If you have large accounts that require calls, letters, and reminders for payment, factoring can take this hassle off your hands.

Factoring makes sense for businesses that realize the time value of money. A cash payment today, even if it’s for less than the total invoice value, can actually be worth more than a full invoice payment if it is used to make a short-term investment with a high rate of return. When considering this strategy, make sure that the type of factoring you agree to, your rates, and your terms will allow you to make the most of the opportunity.
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We're matching you to top-rated
Factoring vendors...
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