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GPS Fleet Tracking Software: A Short Guide

GPS fleet tracking software gives your business a competitive edge. Whether you have a fleet of trucks traveling across country, or a local delivery business, GPS fleet tracking systems can provide real-time information of your vehicle’s location as well as a myriad of reporting tools to simplify your manager’s job.

The Top Benefits

Being able to implement a time tracking system for your employees is important for just about every business. GPS fleet tracking software helps streamline the fleet process, and allows you to cut down costs where ever possible. 

The initial price of a GPS fleet tracking system allows your business to set up a platform for future growth. In many cases, fleet tracking solutions help your business save money, and once you calculate the the potential ROI, it will likely be worth the investment.  Before you jump in to a purchase, you should read up on the basics of these software systems and how they can benefit your business.

When you keep track of your fleet with GPS software you are able to:

  • Optimize routes
  • Save fuel costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce fuel consumption

According to a report by the Aberdeen Group, responding firms report a 21% reduction in operating costs per vehicle with fleet management software.

Learn about the top advantages of GPS fleet tracking software in our Buyer's Guide.

Your Options

There are two main types of GPS tracking options:  passive and real-time.  Both have great benefits, so it is up to you to decide which is a better fit is for your company.  In short, passive has your driver log the information in a small computer inside the vehicle.  Once your driver returns to your home base, you can manually transfer the data from the truck into your computer.  Real-time on the other hand, is just that data in real-time.  You still get all of the same features as the passive system, you just get data sent much faster.

If you decide to choose real-time GPS fleet tracking software, you should know it does cost a bit more, and a monthly fee is usually attached to the cost.  But even with this added cost, knowing real-time results can save cost with driving routes and knowing where to cut costs.  According to Information Science Today, you can save up to 20% by implementing a GPS fleet tracking system.

Before you talk with a vendor write down a list of your needs with GPS fleet tracking system. This will help you when you do get in contact with someone—and help keep the conversation on track.  Make sure you talk to multiple vendors to get the best price.

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