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Grant Writing Tips

Grant writing is a fine art which requires meticulous and skilled attention to budgeting, balancing budgets, inventory and supplies, projections, mission statements, and, importantly, excellent writing skills. Filling out a request for proposal is similar to writing business grant proposals. It requires skills of knowing the market for the proposal, what the competitive costs are, and what challenges may be reasonably expected in the future. One must have a good handle on personnel and personnel costs as well. All good grant proposals demonstrate familiarity with the duties of all involved personnel, the percentage of their time for the project and their pro-rated salaries. Writing grant budgets for a grant application must reflect this understanding of personnel involvement.

Public relations is another important aspect of grant writing. It helps that the granting agency have some awareness of the grant proposals and from where they originate during the course of the grant application process, if only to get a preliminary personal awareness of the need which a business or organization may have. This points to the importance of the board of directors of the applicant. Writing grant mission statements incorporates the purpose of the organization with the fiat of the board members. Board members have fundraising responsibilities. A good grant writer has an awareness of each board member's attributes that could attract attention from certain granting agencies. The grant writer knows how to relate the board member publicly to the grant process. Writing a grant requires the careful coordination of many important skills.